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Before its collapse in 2016, Dick Smith Holdings (‘DSH’) declared two dividends in 2015. An interim dividend of $16.555 million and a final dividend of $11.826 million were declared. Proceedings were brought against the directors of DHS for allegedly breaching their duty of care under Section 180 of the Corporations Act 2001.

If your employer owes you unpaid wages, there are certain steps you could take to recover your wages. The first step would be to determine whether you are considered as an employee or a contractor. In answering this question, the totality of the relationship and all factors would be considered.

There seems to be no plan to mandate vaccination for the general population, at least in NSW since the local government has announced that everyone can participate in the freedom starting 1st December, vaccinated or not. However, as with other states, employees belonging to certain industries are required to be vaccinated before continuing work.


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