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COVID-19 Travel Exemption for Prospective Marriage Visa Holders

Updated: Sep 9

Since the COVID-19 travel restrictions were in placed in early 2020, Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa (‘PMV’) holders have been barred from entering Australia, as PMV holders are not considered immediate family by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, and therefore are not automatically exempted from the inbound travel ban.

This travel restriction on PMV holders has partially eased since 18 August 2021, as PMV holders are now eligible to apply for individual exemptions to enter Australia. You are eligible to apply for individual exemption if:

  • You have been granted a Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa; and

  • Your visa application was lodged at least 12 months before you submit a travel exemption request.

This means that if you applied for a PMV on or before 18 August 2020, and you have been granted your PMV, then you are now eligible to apply for an inbound travel exemption.

Please keep in mind that eligible PMV holders would still be required to apply for a travel exemption from the Australian Border Force before travelling, and would also have to provide relevant evidences to support the relationship status. Evidences may include:

  • Evidence of relationship – marriage certificate/de facto certificate;

  • Evidence of joint travel – flight booking confirmations or boarding passes showing your names and date of travel;

  • Evidence of communication – some examples of instant messaging and phone calls to show how you keep in contact with your partner;

  • Relationship photographs;

  • Any joint bank accounts – bank statements;

  • Any joint properties owned – property certificates;

  • Any joint leases – lease agreements;

  • Any utility bills or letters sent to the same address where both of you resided in.

You would need to apply for an exemption at least 2 weeks, but not more than 2 months, before your planned travel.

Please kindly contact our office if you would like assistance in applying for your travel exemption to enter Australia.

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