Residential and Commercial (Office, Warehouse or Retail Shop)

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If You Are the Landlord

Lease Preparation & Negotiation of Lease Terms

1. Your agent or yourself may first negotiate on the main terms of the lease with

    the future tenant to decide on the rent, lease period, what the premises will

    be used for, etc.

2. We will then draft the Lease based on these main terms, plus inserting other

    requirements that aim to protect your interests during the lease term.

3. We will also help you to draft any landlord disclosure statements for the

    Lease based on the circumstances.

4. The Lease will then be sent to the tenant for their solicitor to review.

Execution & Registration

5. If all the terms are agreed to then we will organise for both you and the

    tenant to sign the Lease, the tenant will have to get the insurance and the

    bank guarantee for your premises.

6. We will check all the documents sent by the tenant to ensure that they are

    compliant with regulations and your requirements.

7. After that we will lodge the Lease for registration with the land title office and

   the Lease is in place.

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If You Are the Tenant

Heads of Agreement & Lease Review

1. We will review the Heads of Agreement which contains the main terms of the

    Lease negotiated between you and the landlord.

2. The landlord’s solicitor will draft a Lease based on the Heads of Agreement,

    we will review those terms for you.

3. Then we offer advice to negotiate on any terms to be changed or added so

    your interests are protected in the Lease.

Execution & Registration

4. If all the terms are agreed to then we will organise for you to sign the Lease

   and check that you have got the right insurance and bank guarantee.

5. Then we will ensure that the landlord sends their version of the Lease to us

    so the Lease is effective and you can move in.

6. We will also monitor the process of Lease registration on land title so you are