What to Expect

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Negotiation with Your Neighbour

1. Firstly, negotiate with your neighbour regarding a deed for registering  an

    easement, this normally involves offering a price to the neighbour and

    setting down conditions of the easement.

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Drafting Easement Plan

2. You will then engage in an engineer to draft up a plan for registration in

    accordance with requirements of NSW Land Registry Services.

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Obtaining Mortgagee's Consent

3. You will need to obtain your mortgagee's consent for registration of


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Signing the Agreement

4. Both parties must sign the easement registration document, along with

    getting each party's bank to provide production of title number.

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Lodging with NSW LRS

5. Your surveyor will lodge the plan for registration as well as the easement

    registration document with the NSW Land Registry Services.