Conveyancing Sale

What to Expect

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Contract Preparation & Exchange

1. We draft a Contract for Sale including special clauses as per your

    instructions, and obtain required legal documents to attach to the Contract.

2. We will then submit the Contract to your nominated agent to market the


3. When a buyer is found, we will attend to you to discuss contract

    amendments requested by the buyer/buyer’s solicitor, and reply to their

    requests as per your instructions.

4. Once the amendments are mutually agreed upon, you will need to attend to

    signing the contract. We or the agent can effect exchange of contracts.

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Post-Exchange & Land Tax

5. You will need to apply for discharge of mortgage (if applicable), provide our

    solicitor details to your bank or broker, and provide us with loan/customer

    reference number so we can liaise with your bank.

6. You need to pay land tax, if any, and have registered for land tax online, then

    we can apply for Section 47 Land Tax Clearance certificate for you.

7. We will assist you with applying for The Foreign Resident Capital Gains

    Withholding (FRCGW) Clearance Certificate (if applicable).

8. You will need to make an appointment with us to have your identity verified

    and sign authorisation documents.

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9. We will send you calculations of settlement figures, including adjustments for

    water rates, council rates and remaining purchase price. You will be notified

    of the estimated amount required for settlement 2-3 days before settlement.

10. You will need to send us the most recent council rates notice and water

      rates notice around 1 week before settlement to verify your right to deal

      with the property.

11. On the day of settlement, we will attend to settle along with your mortgagee

      or lender (if you have one). Normally the settlement process can take 30-60

      minutes from the scheduled time.

12. Once it is complete, we will notify you and you can make arrangements

      directly with the agent regarding how the 10% deposit to be paid to you.