Conveyancing Purchase

What to Expect

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Contract Review & Exchange

1. After finding your ideal property, you should request a copy of the contract

    from the agent to send to us for review.

2. We will review the terms of the contract and request for amendments from

    the vendor's solicitor as per your instructions.

3. You will need to attend to signing the contract once the amendments are

    mutually agreed upon. The agent or the vendor's solicitor can effect

    exchange of contracts.

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Post-Exchange & Transfer Duty

4. You will need to make an appointment with us to have your identity verified

    and sign authorisation documents.

5. After that, we will arrange with you for paying transfer duty.

6. You will also need to contact your mortgage broker or bank if you intend to

    obtain a mortgage and supply all documentations for the mortgage.

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Pre-Settlement & Final Inspection

7. We will send you calculations of settlement figures, including adjustments for

    water rates, council rates and remaining purchase price. You will be notified

    of the estimated amount required for settlement 2-3 days before settlement.

8. You should organise final inspection with the agent for inspecting the

    property to check if anything is different or rubbish is left on the property.

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9. On the day of settlement, we will attend to settle along with your mortgagee

    or lender (if you have one). Normally the settlement process can take 30-60

    minutes from the scheduled time.

10. Once it is complete, we will notify you and you can then contact the agent

      for keys collection.

11. You will also need to collect the original contract from our office.