Compulsory Acquisition

For Government


Reviewing and advising you on the proposed acquisition 

1. The government’s agency will begin the process by giving you a Proposed Acquisition Notice that details how your property will be compulsorily acquired by the government

2. We will review the terms of acquisition and advise you on your rights;

3. Normally you should get an independent valuation of your property, and consider the economic impact on you if your property is acquired by the government;

4. The government agency will normally negotiate with you first;

5. Then the compensation amount will be assessed by the Valuer General, we will also assist you to complete a compensation form to be submitted to the Valuer General;

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Representing you in the negotiations

6. We will continue to represent you in the negotiations with the government agency before the Valuer General makes a determination of compensation;

7. Within a certain timeframe, the Valuer General will review your claim, make a new assessment on the amount of compensation owing and issue a Preliminary Valuation Report;

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Advising you on the Preliminary Valuation Report

8. We will advise you on the Preliminary Valuation Report, and submit feedback on your behalf to the Valuer General;

9. The government agency will send you a compensation notice that will contain the Valuer General’s final determination;

10. If an agreement still is not reached, the government agency will compulsorily acquire your property based on the Valuer General’s determination;

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Reviewing the Deed of Release and Indemnity or lodging an objection with the NSW Land and Environment Court

11. If you agree with the compensation notice, we could review the Deed of Release and Indemnity, and provide you with directions on completing and executing the document, and to monitor the compensation to be paid to you by the acquiring agency;

12. If you do not agree with the amount of compensation determined by the Valuer General, we could assist in lodging an objection with the NSW Land and Environment Court within 90 days of the compensation notice.