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Since surcharge purchase duty (‘SPD’) and surcharge land tax (‘SLT’) were introduced in 2016, they have had many clients falling into tax traps and pulling their hair in the attempt to recover tax liabilities. So, what is the extend of a solicitor’s duty of care to advise clients of their liability?

Section 48 Bar Waiver for Skilled Visa Applicants

In order to facilitate applications in Australia by applicants who are prevented from leaving the country due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, provided that the applicants meet all other requirements for making an application, an exemption has been introduced by the Immigration Department applicable to these applicants.

Travel Exemptions for Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

rom 1st November 2021, travel exemption rules will be eased by the Australian government to allow fully vaccinated parents of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to visit from overseas. Under the current travel restrictions, "immediate family member" of Australian citizen or permanent resident usually resident in Australia could request for an exemption to travel into Australia.